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A project of the
ZIVD e.V. - Center for Intercultural Understanding Dresden

The desire to be able to help directly where our help is needed in emergency situations has prompted us to set up our own flexible aid project. This should enable us to help quickly where other aid organizations are not yet present or do not have sufficient capacity to respond to people’s needs and hardships.

Our ultimate goal is to alleviate or prevent human suffering, to create safety and to preserve human dignity.

We do not take sides in conflicts. Our efforts are first and foremost aimed at people, regardless of where they feel they belong or are assigned by others. In order to make our work successful, we do not take any political position outside our principles within our activities. We accept people as they are; no one is favored or disadvantaged on the basis of their world view, sexual identity or orientation, social or local background or mental or physical abilities.

Our actions are motivated by the humanitarian idea without the pursuit of profit. Our gain is the knowledge that we are doing the right thing and gaining new skills, experience and friends in the process.

Your direct help


Dresden – Eleven months ago, the Russian army invaded Ukraine, and the shock was deep in Dresden too. However, a network that wanted to help the Ukrainians quickly emerged with Direkthilfe Dresden. The more or less informal network has now been taken over by the “Center for Intercultural Understanding Dresden” (ZIVD) and hopes to bring new momentum to Ukraine aid in the future.


Donations in kind are only ever sought specifically, depending on what is needed in the area of operation. You can find the latest requirement lists under News.

We are also constantly dependent on financial support. You can find current appeals for donations and ways to support us under Donations.

Become an active member of Direct Help!

If you would also like to provide humanitarian support to people in emergency situations, you are very welcome to join our team. Everyone will find a task with us and the opportunity to contribute within their own framework.

If you are interested and would like to be part of a great team, then get in touch with us. You can contact us by e-mail or direct message on social media.

The direct help contact persons

Tom Keiling

Contact for networking and public relations

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